Book 2 – Sak K’uk

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The Controversial Mayan Queen: Sak K’uk of Palenque

Mists of Palenque Series Book 2


In the ancient Maya world of towering stone cities amid dense tropical jungles, a strong-willed young woman struggles to preserve her family dynasty. Sak K’uk, daughter of the first woman Mayan ruler Yohl Ik’nal, is more fit to accede than her artistic brother and she chafes at his lack-luster leadership. In visions she sees that her son K’inich Janaab Pakal is destined to become the greatest ruler of Lakam Ha (Palenque), but how it will happen is uncertain. A sudden attack on Lakam Ha led by archenemy Kan and plotted by vengeful Ek Chuuah, who was exiled by Sak K’uk’s grandfather, changes everything. Lakam Ha is thrown into chaos by the desecration of their

Sak K'uk presents ruler's crown to her son, Pakal

Sak K’uk presents ruler’s crown to her son, Pakal

most sacred shrine, and the portal to Gods and Ancestors is destroyed. The royal family is humiliated; the capture and death of her brother and father leaves the city without leaders. With the sacred portal in collapse, the help of the Triad Gods cannot be attained.

In desperation, Sak K’uk undertakes perilous journeys into the Underworld to seek guidance. She meets Primordial Goddess Muwaan Mat who promises to co-rule with her until her son Pakal is old enough to accede. Can Sak K’uk convince dissident nobles to accept this joint rulership, when they are disillusioned with her family over the Kan defeat? All her willpower and skills are demanded to navigate through this spiritual crisis and hold the throne, so her son can fulfill his destiny to restore the collapsed portal. Through these intense trials, a special bond is forged between them that proves both a blessing and a curse.

Muwaan Mat Name Glyph

Muwaan Mat Name Glyph


In modern times archaeologist Francesca continues her quest to uncover the identity of the crimson skeleton found in the Temple XIII royal burial by her team at Palenque. They determined the skeleton was a woman whom they dub “The Red Queen,” but which queen remains elusive. Francesca is also perplexed by her grandmother’s cryptic message to discover her true self by listening to the lightning in her blood.



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