Sak K’uk Story Reaches Amazon Top 100 Kindle Books

Sak K’uk, second Mayan woman ruler of Lakam Ha (Palenque)

 A young queen rises to meet her destiny in this gripping saga set in the ancient Maya world. After an attack leaves her people without a leader or a portal to the Gods, Sak K’uk’s visions guide her to the throne as the city’s second female ruler.  – BookBub

Sak kuk Final Cover eBook(1)Today The Controversial Mayan Queen: Sak K’uk of Palenque reached Amazon Kindle Top 100 books! It rose to #4 in Kindle Free Store, #1 in Kindle Historical Fiction, #1 in Kindle HF/Romance/Ancient Worlds and is still holding high ranking. This is day 2 of a 5-day free book promotion; rather an amazing experience.  The book remains FREE until 11:59pm EST on 8-31-14.

The story of Sak K’uk, second woman ruler of Palenque (Lakam Ha), takes place during the darkest times in the city’s history.  She was the daughter of Yohl Ik’nal, first woman ruler, who secured the throne for their family dynasty.  Sak K’uk’s brother succeeded but proved a weak, ineffectual leader.  The people were disgruntled and the nobles contentious, a set-up for a sneak attack by regional power rival Kalakmul (Kan).  Yohl Ik’nal had successfully repulsed a prior Kan attack, but without her visionary abilities Lakam Ha remained unprepared.  The results were disastrous:  Kan invaded the heart of Lakam Ha and desecrated its most sacred shrine.  Using dark shamanic spells, Kan destroyed the sacred portal to Gods and ancestors that Lakam

Sak K'uk, daughter of Yohl Ik'nal, Ahau of Palenque

Sak K’uk, daughter of Yohl Ik’nal, Ahau of Palenque

Ha rulers relied on.

Sak K’uk’s young son, Janaab Pakal, saw the portal collapse.  He was an extraordinary child with visionary abilities and uncanny intelligence.  Sak K’uk knew that Pakal was destined to ascend the throne and become the greatest ruler of their city.  The “axing” of Lakam Ha during the Kan attack changed everything.  In the chaos and confusion that followed, both danger and opportunity hovered.  The people were leaderless, buildings and shrines were in ruin, crops damaged, and the all-important portal no longer existed.

Sak K’uk was compelled to take action, though she knew many nobles opposed her.  She could not take charge of the situation without some extraordinary help – and she sought it in a desperate vision quest into the Underworld.  There she faced her greatest fears, encountered hungry Death Lords and the Primal Serpent, and was propelled up the Wakah Chan Te, the Jeweled Sky Tree whose roots were in the Underworld, trunk in the Middleworld, and branches in the Upperworld.  In the starry sky of Gods and ancestors, she met Primordial Goddess Muwaan Mat who promised to co-rule with her until Pakal was old enough to ascend.

Palace at Palenque

Palace at Palenque

In this factually based historical fiction novel, discover how Sak K’uk and her son Pakal team up to restore their city.  Their heroic efforts to overcome challenges from dissident nobles and to communicate with the Gods after the portal collapsed brings you deeply into Mayan esoteric and shamanic knowledge.  This process forges a strong bond between them, as Pakal grows into an accomplished young ruler, which proves to be both a blessing and a curse.

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Leonide (Lennie) Martin, retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner. Currently author and Maya researcher, my books bring ancient Maya culture to life in historical fiction about real and fictional Maya characters. My books draw upon extensive research of scientific and indigenous perspectives, and are based upon archeological knowledge of Maya sites and historical persons. Apprenticing with Maya elders, I became a Maya Fire Woman and Solar Initiate.

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