Welcome to my Maya-inspired blog


Lennie at Palenque site, Chiapas, Mexico

Just think of me as 13-Rabbit, the “Circle Complete Maya Scribe” Ox Lahun Ub’aah.  The rabbit scribe is seen in many drawings, recording happenings in paper-bark folding codices.  As a contemporary Maya scribe, my writings tell stories of real and fictional ancient Mayans (historical fiction) and relate information about their advanced civilization (articles, presentations).  I’ve lived and traveled in Maya regions of southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala learning from indigenous teachers.  My blog will focus on ancient Maya sites (called ruins), archeology and anthropology, current and past research, and their amazing culture.  I’ll post updates on my writings and other Maya related books/articles.  Research and writing about the ancient Maya are my main creative passions, though I have other interests including gardening, locavore eating, wine tasting, enjoying nature and of course my charming husband David and our two magnificent white cats.

Leonide (Lennie) Martin, retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner. Currently author and Maya researcher, my books bring ancient Maya culture to life in historical fiction about real and fictional Maya characters. My books draw upon extensive research of scientific and indigenous perspectives, and are based upon archeological knowledge of Maya sites and historical persons. Apprenticing with Maya elders, I became a Maya Fire Woman and Solar Initiate.