Maya Elders Provide Indigenous Views

My research includes learning from contemporary Mayan elders.  Below I’m with two Mayan elder friends at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.


Manuel Xijum — Leonide (Lennie) Martin — Hunbatz Men

Manuel Xijum is a leader in the Grand Itza Council of Mayan Priests and Elders.  He does ceremonies both public and private, and I learned much about rituals by participating with him.  Hunbatz Men, also a member of the Itza Council, is a Maya Elder and Daykeeper-Shaman. He founded the Lol Be Maya Cultural and Ceremonial Center, teaches internationally and conducts sacred tours to ancient Maya sites.  He has been my major teacher in Mexico.  Studying with Hunbatz Men brought me to deep appreciation of how Mayas think, which is really different than “western scientific” thought.  Through him I took Solar Initiation, and became a Maya Fire Woman in the Itza Maya Tradition.  Without the insights I gained from him, I couldn’t write historical fiction novels about Mayan mysticism and their expansive cosmovision.  Through many classes, conferences and personal sessions with Hunbatz, I learned more about Mayan calendars than any textbooks could teach.  Maestro Hunbatz, muchisimas gracias – thanks and appreciation beyond words.

Hunbatz Men – Lol Be Maya Ceremonial Center